All students at Faith Christian School are required to purchase the school uniform and to wear the uniform to all class and school activities as set out in the Parent and Student Handbook.

Faith Christian School has a school uniform and a dress-code standard for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to: (1) the encouragement of Christian modesty; (2) eliminating social status cliques that often develop based on the expensive nature of clothing worn, (3) public recognition of the school in the community, (4) development of school spirit with identifiable clothing and standards, (5) conserving parental resources with affordable, interchangeable clothing that can be passed on to younger students in the family from year to year, and (6) insuring that the children are properly and appropriately dressed with durable clothing for fluctuating weather conditions.

School uniform items should be ordered early so that the student has his or her school uniform on the first day of class. Parents should put identifying marks on all clothing purchased for the student (such as sweaters), which may be removed during the day, since all of the children will be wearing matching clothing.

This year the uniforms may be ordered directly from the manufacturer over the Internet by logging on to French Toast Official School Wear. When you access the French Toast site, go to the following pages to see and order your child's uniform. You can click on the sizing charts for your child on each web page.

Required Boys Uniforms include:

Ages 4-7

Ages 8-14

Required Girls Uniforms include:

Age 4-7

Ages 8-14

If you have questions regarding the school uniform, please contact the Principal, Mrs. Judith R. Spencer by e-mail at .