Tuition Reduction

The school does not have any merit scholarships or need-based scholarships at present; however, tuition cost can be reduced in the following ways:

Prompt Registration Discount

"Prompt Registration Discounts" of $100.00 are available to the first 50 students for whom the non-refundable registration fee is paid prior to July 1, 2010 and who successfully submit all items required by the Student Application by July 1, 2010. This means: the Non-Refundable Registration Fee of $300.00 is reduced to $200.00. The $200.00 reduced Non-Refundable Registration Fee must accompany the completed application packet. Faith Christian School must receive the completed application packet on or before July 1, 2010

Note: Students who leave school, or who are removed from school before the end of the year will forfeit the discount and must pay full tuition for any month in which they attended even part of the month, including the final two months.

Discounts for Multiple Students From the Same Family

A Multiple Sibling Discount will be given to families in which siblings living in the same home, and whose tuition payments are being paid by the same parent(s) or legal guardians, are enrolled in the school. For purposes of this discount, the term "siblings" means: natural brothers/sisters, half-brothers/half-sisters, adopted brothers/sisters, and children in the legal process of adoption. It does not include cousins, friends, or other relatives, even if they are living in the same home. The discount schedule is as follows:

1 child enrolled = 100% tuition ($2,500.00), plus all fees.

2 - 5 siblings enrolled = Second through Fifth Child (50% tuition for each: $1,250.00), plus all fees.

6 - 10 siblings enrolled = Sixth through Tenth Child (25% tuition for each: $625.00), plus all fees.

11+ siblings enrolled = Eleventh or more Children (Free tuition for each: $0.00), plus all fees.

If at any time during the school year one or more siblings are withdrawn from the school, the following month the tuition charge will be adjusted to reflect the discount for the number of remaining siblings then enrolled.

Recruitment Discount

Any student or student family that recruits a new student to Faith Christian School, as per the following conditions, will receive a $200.00 discount from the tenth (final) payment for that school year.

The conditions for the Recruitment Discount are:

  1. The new student cannot be a sibling in any family that currently has, or has had, a student enrolled in Faith Christian School; and,
  2. The new student cannot be a sibling of the recruiting student or a member of the student's family; and,
  3. The new student's application must list the recruiting family or recruiting student in Part IV of the Student Application (page 5) under "School Awareness" on the line that says, "School was recommended by"; and,
  4. The recruiting student must claim the Recruitment Discount on the ORANGE FORM and list the names of the student(s) recruited; and,
  5. The new student must pay all applicable fees, including the Non-Refundable Registration Fee; and,
  6. The new student must pay all tuition as it comes due; and,
  7. The new student must attend the entire academic year without withdrawing or being expelled; and,
  8. The recruiting student (or the student from the recruiting family) must attend the entire academic year without withdrawing from school or being expelled.

If these conditions are met, the recruiting student or recruiting student family will have $200.00 deducted from the final tuition payment for the academic year. If a recruiting student or recruiting student family recruits more than one new student under these conditions, an additional discount of $200.00 per student recruited will be given to the recruiting student or to the recruiting student family, and applied to earlier tuition payments as determined by the school.

Full Prepayment Discount

Any student paying the annual tuition in full on or before August 31, 2010 will receive a $200.00 discount, deducted from the Non-Refundable Registration Fee. This means that the Non-Refundable Registration Fee of $300.00 is reduced to $100.00. THIS DISCOUNT MAY BE COMBINED with the Prompt Registration Discount, meaning the entire $300.00 Non-Refundable Registration Fee can potentially be waived, provided however, the following conditions and restrictions apply. If the student receiving the discount is withdrawn or expelled from the school at any time during the school year, for any reason, and a request is made for a refund of the remaining balance of the Student's tuition for future months not attended, the entire $300.00 Non-Refundable Registration Fee will be reinstated and withheld from any remaining balance refunded.

General Terms and Conditions

To qualify for and request any of the discounts offered by Faith Christian School you must meet the following general qualifications, and specific discount qualifications.

General Discount Terms and Conditions:

  1. The term "you" and "your" means the party or parties legally responsible for the custody and control of the Student Applicant, and the party or parties bearing responsibility for paying the Student Applicant's tuition and other fees. The following requirements apply to both new students and returning students.
  2. You must complete and submit the Student Application form (WHITE) in its entirety, and sign all applicable signature lines.
  3. You must submit all additional documents set forth on the Application Checklist (YELLOW form), including legible photocopies of the Student Applicant's birth certificate, current immunization record, social security card, and school records from any former schools attended; PLUS you must complete in their entirety, and submit or have submitted by the appropriate persons, the properly completed following colored forms — CREAM (Pastor's Recommendation), GREEN (Medical), GRAY (Records Transfer), PINK (Statement of Cooperation), BLUE (Pick Up List), ORANGE (Discount Request Form), PURPLE (Annual Tuition Schedule), and any required waivers attached to the Student Application form. The YELLOW form (Application Checklist) is for your convenience and does not need to be returned.
  4. You must agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Discount Request Form.
  5. Your Student Application with all accompanying documents and forms attached must be postmarked on or before the dates set forth for each discount, or it must be hand-delivered to (and received by) either the Headmaster or Principal of Faith Christian School before 5:00 p.m. on the dates set forth for each discount. All applications and supporting documents and forms must be originals, bearing original signatures. No photocopies or faxed copies will be accepted. (Make copies of all forms and documents for your own records.)
  6. Your Discount Request Form requesting a "Prompt Application Discount" must be attached to one of the first 50 applications properly completed, submitted and received by Faith Christian School. Any discount (either requested or awarded) may be denied or made void for reasons set forth in the Application Packet. The Application Packet is herewith incorporated by reference. The Application Packet consists of the Cover Letter (sent with the Student Application), the Student Application itself and any waivers (WHITE), and the following colored forms sent with the Student Application — CREAM, GREEN, GRAY, PINK, BLUE, ORANGE and PURPLE. Any discrepancies between forms concerning any discount are controlled by this form as the final offer.
  7. Faith Christian School is not responsible for partial or incomplete applications, or for applications or requests lost or damaged in the mail, delayed in the mail, or which fail to reach Faith Christian School for any other reason.
  8. The Student Applicant must be accepted by Faith Christian School under all current application process standards (including, but not limited to, parent and student interviews, testing and evaluation, grade placement, and official letter of acceptance) prior to the awarding of any discount.
  9. As outlined on the PURPLE form (Annual Tuition Schedule), awarded discounts that affect TUITION will not be applied against tuition costs until the final payments of the Academic Year for persons using the monthly tuition payment plan. Discounts that apply to the non-refundable Registration Fee will be applied as described in the sections explaining each type of discount.
  10. You must enclose a valid check or money order in the amount of Three-hundred-dollars ($300.00) payable to Faith Christian School to pay the Non-Refundable Application Fee before the Admissions Committee will consider the Student Application or Discount Request. This fee does not in any way reduce tuition or other fees required of the Student. Checks returned for insufficient funds or for any other reason will void all discount offers.
  11. Discount awards have no reimbursable cash value under any circumstance and are not transferable.